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Postpartum care needs assessment: women’s understanding of postpartum care, practices, barriers, and educational needs

Adams, Y.J., Miller, M., Agbenyo, J., Ehla, E., Clinton, G.

Complications in the postpartum period pose substantial risks to women and can result in significant maternal morbidity and mortality. However, there is much less attention on postpartum care compared to pregnancy and childbirth. The goal of this study was to gather information on women’s knowledge of postpartum care and complications, recovery practices after childbirth, perceived barriers to receiving care during the postpartum period, and educational needs in four health centers. The findings can inform the development of appropriate curriculum and interventions for postnatal care education in similar settings.

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Knowledge of Postbirth Warning Signs and Postpartum Education Among Women in Ghana

To assess the relationship between postpartum education and knowledge of postbirth warning signs among women in Ghana, we collected data from surveys distributed in the hospital. The survey included items for sociodemographic characteristics, obstetric history, postpartum education provided, and knowledge of nine common postbirth warning signs. We used descriptive statistics and multivariate logistic regression models to analyze the data.

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